Is any one mining in UT in shed

I want to build a crypto shed in UTAH. UT can be cold and hot place to mine in. Any suggestions?

I’m in Utah, with good ventilation you can run them without issue. The key in the summer heat is to get all the hot air pulled out. You’ll want a quality miner if that’s all you’re going to do though, something like an L7 or KD Lite will likely need to to add a cooler to help keep the temps down more, especially as hot as it’s been this year. In the winter you’ll want to cut that ventilation off somewhat on the coldest days, certain miners will shut down if they get too cold but luckily they create their own heat so it really isn’t a problem. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I want to mine in shed. I plan on putting an high efficient AC unit in the shed. I have plans for 4 fans that push 830 CMF per fan to move the hot air out of the shed.

I’m wondering if I should create a hot room that I have seen in some videos. See video at 2.30 min.

We should talk for sure.

So you don’t necessarily need a hot room, but yes that… I’ve used sheets of corrugated plastic and forming it into ductwork that the miner exhausts into, put a duct fan in the other end and point it out a window. Getting the heat out is the biggest factor. Adding cooling can help, but keep in mind that the miners will just be sucking the cool air out of the space and blowing it outside. You’ll need to pull hot air in from outside to replace it… not the most efficient thing and ac uses a lot of energy.

I have a post about this in the FB page, there are links to high cfm duct fans that you may find useful.

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The hot room will help keep part of shed a lower temperature. I have found some AC units that are energy efficiency per the energy guide label. I can’t think of any other way to lower temperature. I have to mix hot air with AC air to keep airflow moving to decrease the fan speed.

I’ll check them out.

I’m look at fan on FB. Will I need multiple fans (880 CFM Power 10 in). Im starting with 2 KD MAX and will upgrade to 4 if everything go to plan.

My plan was to use four AC Infinity AIRLIFT T12, Shutter Exhaust Fan 12" for the hot room.

Oh OK, yeah those would work really well, especially with the controller.

The operating temp for those is 100deg, if you just have good airflow that shouldn’t be an issue. I have an external garage I use, even on 100+deg days it stayed under 90deg in there.

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