Is anybody running 220v asic miners?

I need to find out what I have to do to power up my 2700w 16amp miner here in the US. I was told to buy a power converter that is 2-4 times more watts then what unit puts out. I was also told my regular 220v outlet will not work because it is dual phase. So I’m kinda stuck because any unit that I look at,because of the wattage the converter would have to be hardwired to my panel. So now I’m lost and don’t know which way to go. I figure ask the right questions in the right place and this is the place to ask. ANY ADVICE?

2700 watts at 16 amps means you need 168.75 volts I do not understand why the multiple phases would give you an issue though. I would just run a 30 amp 220 circuit on some #10 wire and call it a day. That is what I did for my L3+'s because using 220 saves you a little bit of electricity and I never had an issue.

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To determine your electric needs for residential just use this formula Volts X Amps = Watts so a 15 amp 110 volt circuit should have 80% of 1650 watts. If you don’t know what your doing please get an electrician or do a lot of homework you cannot always trust labels in panels and sometimes the electrician before you could have left some landmines like putting the wrong breaker in causing you to assume you have the right wiring in place for that amperage.


I gotcha,nothing like input…more input…lol. Thanks again. I am definitely spooked now about the miner and almost wanna slap it on ebay for 5k

I don’t blame you bro that is a lot of money on the line not to mention time and effort also. I would just relax and just start getting a backup plan in place. I would wait to get the miner and see how it preforms before I changed my plans. I am excited to see what happens when you get it I am hoping you get the opposite results of Vosk!