Is anyone still using a Blackminer F1 mini +

I am looking around to buy a small fun miner beside my T15 and couple of zminers and eth miners.

I am thinking about the Blackminer F1 mini +

Is anyone still using this one ?

Do you want mine? This also reminds me I still need to setup the BST section on the forum lol :smiley:

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yes please :slight_smile:

I have no electric costs so i can make 0.71 euro a day with this miner. that is almost as much my a9 zmaster is doing a day.

Connections I believe are a problem with that one. Both of my blackminers are off.

Hello @jaccovdk, I currently have one Blackminer Mini f1 running the 0xToken bitstream. Not the mini + sadly I don’t think that machine has this bitsream. The little guy does a good job for what it is, I am getting 1.85 Gh/s steady.

Drew is your f1 mini + still available ? I want to buy it.