Is anyone using 277 volt power supplys?

I have gobs of cheap 480 volt 3 phase available, I could run transformers but it would be more efficient not to use them.

BTW: 277 volt is the voltage to neutral not phase to phase.

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Many switching power supply’s will accept any voltage between 90-240. Slap a 3-phase Delta/Wye transformer on that 480V breaker and your power supplies could run off of either 120V (phase to neutral) or 208V (phase to phase) … Easy Peasy

I have that but a little hotter than 208, 230 phase to phase. But transformers make ALLOT of heat and full load loss of about 6%. I’m envisioning my farm will about 250KW and would cheaper and more efficient to take it right off the pole. Thanks for stopping in

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