Is ASICWAY a Scam?

Is Asicway a Scam?
need Help

I will let you know Wednesdays. And then probably will ask for legal help! ugh.
Dear XxxX,
We received your order and is marked as completed, the package will leave our deposit from Sunnyvale, California on Monday morning ( you will receive automatically a tracking code via email ) and should arrive to your location Wednesday morning next week.
Please keep in mind though, we are running a limited promotional offer called 2 + 1 for AW Pro, customers which purchase 2 AW Pro receive the 3th for free.
If you would like to benefit out of this promotional offer, you purchase one more unit and i merge both orders for you, so you can receive 3th unit for free.
Tai K.
Sales Manager
206 Victoria Street West
Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
+64 9 889 4459

thank you so much mike please keep me updated
best regards

Hi ,

I got scammed as well for $18,000.00 i filed reports with FTC, eConsumer, and Whois.

I’ll post links below so everyone can file complaints to stop them from getting others.

$199,521.59 scammed the other day from 39 people. I’m open to ideas or a plan.

AsicWay links names and numbers so we can blow-up!

Aydan Brown 1-650-741-1299

Aydan is connected to: Contact Us | Xompass Inc

Tai K. info@asicway.comAuckland +64 9 889 4459

Some guy in Florida that hangs up on me 1-850-307-5645