Is Bithull's BH miner (box) a scam? sells the BH miner and the BH miner box and they claim you can get ROI in less than a month.
Can someone tell me if this is a scam, because it sounds too good to be true.

BH Miners Box (6 units)
Price: $20,000

This is a box (case/rack) combining 6 BH Miner units connected to each other that can be controlled easily. The box was specially designed to generate very low noise so that it can be used comfortably in any space including home or office.

Advertised as offering 2160 TH/S when mining BTC, they note that the BG Miners Box can bring in $7951.95 profit per month.
If using Monero, as much as $29060 profit per month, they state.


  • Bitcoin 2160 TH/s
  • Litecoin 360 GH/s
  • Ethereum 90 GH/s
  • Monero 18 MH/s


  • Power consumption 550W x 6
  • Power Socket 110V-240V
  • Algorithm Multi-Algorithm
  • Networking connection mode
  • RJ45 Ethernet and Wireless
  • PSU Integrated x6
  • 2 year warranty included

Probably it is a scam, searching more you can see thath all posts talking about them on any financial website was posted by Bithull. There is no realiable information about then at all! Be carefull!

Ha I start getting nervous when I buy a $400 CPU idk how anyone could gamble $20,000 on this shiz

Aint gonna lie,I read a few places that this is a scam. All the ads are fake.Do some homework because I really liked this model but real shady to put out figures like that and only be 4500 and 20k. Shady but will sell the farm if its turns out for real. Try punching in bh miner scam in your browser and see what you get.
List to be careful

  2. Alibaba-any seller that’s not apart of the trade assurance
  3. Innosilicon g32-500,1500 no good…don’t fall for it. Take it from me
    There is a new miner called Vendon Miner that I’m currently checking.
    All in all 1) if its to good to be true,its false. 2)Do your homework on sellers,try to go straight to manufacturer and pay attention to the calculator(c1 pro loss) and figure if its worth the time,effort and most of all money.
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Did anyone ever find out for sure whether this company is scam?

Nevermind,this was all I needed…

it’s 100% a scam, similar to this