Is BlockFi Next…?

They paused all withdrawals…

Glad I withdrew two days ago…

Blockfi is in a bad spot. I think this will take a while to unwind.

Looks like they have also suspended credit card transactions.

Probably a lot of other smaller exchanges are going to be impacted by FTX fall. FTX had tentacles in a lot of things….

Bankman-Fried is another thief that destroys lives but isn’t held responsible, like so many of his ilk, and I am glad I never put anything at risk on FTX–that guy always came across as a scheister

I liquidated everything I had on BlockFi at the first hint of a reduction of benefits and now that dumpster fire is unraveling.


All I have to say not your keys not your coin use a hard wallet

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This is going to be an interesting unraveling. Blockfi had a line of credit and was under acquisition. I would assume they could be acquired (or file bankruptcy) independently of the FTX bankruptcy, but the real question is how much of the Blockfi assets are/were on FTX.

If true, this will be the start of another bloody crypto week.