Is Bobcat 300 miner supported in Cambodia? Please help!

Hello guys, do you know whether Bobcat 300 miner is supported in Cambodia?
Appreciate your help on this.
I am planning to get 10 units to operate here.



Hi LTC148,
I’m also looking into this and I’m located in PP - I don’t have an answer yet
but if you want to get in touch please do, Good luck - Adrian

HI LTC, if you would use the explorer on helium webpage it would show you that the whole globe actually is supported. If you would oversee the Philippines for an example, there are currently four hotspot miners doing it right now with three too close to each other. So if you would probably be thinking of mining in Cambodia, the answer is why not. I think the next most important question that you need to ask yourself is… if this would be profitable for you? The answer is yes, consider buying or getting three bobcat or synchrobit miners or whatever ships in first. Then install them 300 meters away from each other. This way a triangular formation will allow 1.) Accept Challenge 2.) Witnessing 3.) Transfer/Relay of data to three different hotspots. Please note that this is not a financial advise, you will have to always consider risk. Happy mining!

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Hi guys … I’m a bit late I guess but still no bobcats running in da Kingdom?!? … How come … you guys still interested?.. should we meet up for a beer and have a word on this …?