Is building a GPU mining rig not a good plan currently?

I’ve tried putting together a low and high end GPU mining rig parts list and it seems no matter what I build the cost makes it so I’m not profitable for many months later (some 10 months and others nearly 2 yrs later!). This doesn’t sound like a good plan when I look at it this way. Anyone have any suggestions? Appreciate your input.

I think the biggest hurdle you face is GPU prices and availability. The current situation makes obtaining GPUs a bit of a problem, especially if you want one at MSRP.

As far as a return of investment period a rule of thumb is about one year.

I built my mining computers using Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti cards only. and with the profitability on Ether and my $0.10 USD electricity rates, each computer paid itself off in about three months.

This is unusually quick and was helped along by favorable crypto prices. I had planned on a more realistic ROI of about a year.

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