Is crypto slowly fading away?

I started in the bull run so I’ve not experienced the worst of the worst before now. I have lots of shitcoins but my main coin is KDA. Mining and buying KDA for 3 years and hoping for great results within the next 2 years. The concern is all the SEC talk and things like Silvergate in the news.

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I consider these sale prices. KDA is one of my favorite too. I really think its going way past its all time home if we HODL. We’re in a bear market and lets be honest we probably will be until the bitcoin halving again. Bitcoin has established a historical trend now. Trends are what normally mark consistency and reliability. This isn’t financial advice to you or anyone else, but personally I’m going to HODL, let bitcoin pump, then let the altcoins pump before taking any profits. Its a gamble but the risk/reward ratio is to great to not try in my opinion.
I think its a good thing to remember that it took more than a year for the altcoins to really pump after the last halving.