Is Dogecoin moving to Proof of Stake?

I read on the news that Dogecoinfoundation id discussing with Vitalik Buterin moving to PoS. Does anybody know anything about that?

I hope not, I am still waiting on my L7 from Big Sky Asics. My luck may run out if this is a rapid process.

They are definitely talking about it…

You can see articles on most news sites.

Not worried about short term but something to keep in mind for sure…

If DOGE did go POS, it would have to be a hard fork, and the original POW DOGE would continue on as long as LTC is being mined and used.

If BTC sticks around, most likely LTC will be around, and hence the original POW DOGE will be around.

Just speculation of course.

This could be quite unfortunate cause if my math is correct there is like 60% of mining profit coming from Doge while only 40% is coming from LTC - please correct me if I am wrong.
If they manage to move Doge to be fully POS scrypt miners will not be very attractive investment.
BTW it is quite funny like whole world want to turn green and blaming mining to be wasting huge amount of energy, it is like banks and banking networks are not consuming energy at all.
Would be nice to see some stats how much energy is consumed by one of world leading banks per year.

Just did some math on my side and i currently get 70% Doge, 30% LTC looking at my last pool payments…


Please enjoy the read, Kadena is a Green POW!

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Really a nice catch, thanks for finding it. :+1:

Banks all run their own databases, server farms, have employees driving to and from office, have armored trucks moving cash around etc…

I’m not sure how to add it all up but the current financial system sure does use up a lot of energy.

Not to mention how it enables governments to do all the bad stuff they do. Without funny money the size of military, intelligence agencies, government agencies etc… wood be much smaller. Wars would be smaller and less frequent.

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I dont see doge goin POS it would either have to be implemented into the POS via it POW mechanism for ether to live on without getting sucked dry from all the layer 2 solutions built on ETH, it would lose all value eventually if it didnt have a life blood like doge. bitcoin already has bitcoin and eth and every other chain have Bitcoin lol