Is Fairspot helium hotspot hosting legit/safe?

I have qualified to recieve a miner from FairSpot a company who claims to be a hotspot hosting service where they send you a hotspot for free and you get 70 percent of the earnings. My sticking point for this is that they want my social security number, I know at times this is needed for taxes and such but I am worried as I don’t see any large YouTubers saying anything about it but I have seen website posts from February or earlier this year mentioning it. Does anyone have a miner from them and if so is it legit/working and are you getting the promised 70 percent earnings? ( I have a miner coming in the mail and want to use this as a stop-gap until it gets here if anyone was wondering)

I don’t know. But please before you go giving out your social security number out keep asking around, please.