Is FPGA Mining still profitable? Is FPGA Mining Worth it?

FPGA mining is like GPU mining on steroids but is FPGA mining more profitable than GPU mining?! Let’s review FPGA mining and if mining cryptocurrencies with FPGAs is better than GPUs, CPUs, and ASIC mining rigs. Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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I’ve been mining cryptocurrencies full-time for over 4 years and FPGA mining has always been the super profitable form of mining that is hard to actually achieve. Acquiring FPGA mining rigs and FPGA cards for mining like the bcu-1525 and cvp-13 as well as unique cards like the SQRL FPGA devices always felt like a scavenge hunt, and even after you finally get the FPGA miners, you need unique bitstreams to mine different cryptocurrencies and some FPGA developers are more talented and create much more powerful bitstreams than other devs so now you have to buy bitstreams that also probably have a dev. fee built-in. Hashaltcoin really changed the FPGA mining game with their Hashaltcoin blackminers and Baikalminer did a similar thing earlier, but their customer service was beyond atrocious so uh… let’s review FPGA mining and if mining is still profitable and if mining is still worth it!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Is FPGA mining dead in 2021?
02:03 Differences between FPGA mining & ASIC mining
05:13 Why did FPGA mining lose popularity?
06:50 History of FPGA miners
08:48 AMC Token is bringing MMA to the blockchain
09:33 Can you buy FPGA miners today?
10:40 FPGA mining profitability
12:38 Should I mine with FPGA miners?
13:29 Is FPGA mining worth it?

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FPGA mining profitable and worth it in 2021 review

Hey sir vosk.

I’m desperately looking to buy some L3+ miners for affordable prices.

Can you pls suggest me a place where I can find cheap L3+ miners

Thanks in advance