Is getting asics at msrp even possible?

Is it an unobtainable pipedream to think i could get an l7 and an s19 xp at msrp? Im hesitant to put 30k into my crypto account and not end up being able to obtain these things without selling a kidney…

You will never find L7 at bitmains msrp. Tell me what you need and i can help you out with obtaining s19 at very competitive price

Pretty much. Looks like you can order the Q1 2023 XPs for about $11,000 but I think you have to order at least 50.

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I mean you kind of can when they run spot orders but you have to be reasonably quick.

The spot orders are never available that long so at most times of the years, yes you can’t get at MSRP.

23,750 for 1 or 21500 each for 2+ l7