Is Helium dead?

Good day,

I’ve been ignoring Hnt since they did there merge over to sol. I first started mining helium and since adding many more miners of different coins. My question is what is everyone if anyone doing with their rewards of this helium IOT? I can only seem to find one exchange Orca that even trades it. Am I missing something or is this project dead from a miners stand point? Hope you guys can provide som insight and maybe strategies on the future approach.

Thank you and as always happy mining

You can swap to SOL in the app. Then I move it to Exodus and Stake it. Do a batch every month or 2.

I did see sol in the app and was wondering, good idea

I cant even get mine 5o migrate to the wallet.

Man that sucks, I wasn’t happy when they decided to do this merge with all these changes and noticed no one really even talking about it anymore.