Is Helium mining still profitable?

I have a few questions for the group

  1. Is helium mining still profitable? I have been looking to get in for a while and it’s been difficult. Waiting for a bobcat I ordered since November. I was lucky in this last MNTD drop queue as I have been able to order 2 and just got a link for d 3rd.

  2. why has it been this easy this time when It’s been so difficult for me to lay my hands on one through d primary market previously?

  3. What are d best resources I can use to setup d miners when they come to maximize d miners

  4. Should I go ahead and order d 3rd miner as I have 24 hours to purchase or d link will expire. Remember still a novice

HNT not going well. 50% of RAK are dead because of OTA 6 weeks ago. Mine is one of them.

My Bobcat was at 5 HNT a month and is now at 1.5 barely.

So sad I missed the June July August of 2021 and could get $10000 a month

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Thanks 4 d info

Here’s the thing though. Yes those times of making 10k a month are gone probably for good. But like voskcoin says in his videos. Its about 5 dollars a year in electric. Most in my area are making 100+ a month. So basically a 5 to 6 month roi. Then after that you’re printing money. Is it alot? No. But for pennies a day don’t think its too bad. Would i invest in 100 machines like the craze was no. But for learning and getting your feet wet in the crypto game without shelling out 20k for a L7 I think its a nice start. Just my opinion though

I’m still earning a good amount with my Helium miners. I have SenseCAP M1’s and they’re doing a great job, averaging 6-7 HNT per hotspot with a 5.8dbi antenna. Of course I live just outside of the San Francisco Bay Area which is an ideal location. Based on my experience and from what I hear in the community I’d probably stay away from any hotspots that isn’t a Bobcat 300 or SenseCAP M1, but that’s just if you’re asking me. MNTD miners are great, but I hear a lot of people complaining about how often they go offline. Bottom line, Helium mining is still worth it in my opinion

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