Is secure to buy?

Hi I found apexto mining and they have some fair prices, I need help to find out if it is legit or scam before deciding to buy.

thank you!

I don’t know how they are to purchase from, however they push grossly inaccurate information on miners they manufacture/promote. Personally I wouldn’t buy from them, because of dishonest sales tactics.
One thing to keep in mind if you are finding an overseas ASIC merchants: If their prices are decently below avg market rate, its because that doesn’t include to door delivery. In that case you end up paying the import tariff of roughly 20%.

Yes is legit, bought a few miners from them. They will give you a quote for shipping and if you ask they will declare the value low so you don’t have import tariffs

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Yes, they are legit. I purchased an L7 from them last year at a great price.