Is legit?

Hey yall. Getting geared up to buy my first mining rig and ran across this site that seems to sell them. It’s

Is this site legit? If not whats a good site to start with for beginners to purchase. I’m working with 3k and live in an apartment where electricity isnt separate, its paid with the rent so that cost is covered. Thanks for any advice. @VoskCoin

I’ve never dealt with them, I imagine they’re a scammer. I would never use a .deals domain lol


Got it! So where do I go? I’m going to buy the bobcat via the link in your video descriptions. I’m also looking for a btc miner that’s quiet (if that’s even possible) as I live in an apartment with a roommate. Thanks again.

There’s no quiet BTC miner that’s worth buying unfortunately

Here’s our link to buy a Bobcat Miner 300 which is what I’d recommend for you.

A goldshell box miner would be great for you in an apartment as well.

There are many solutions to reducing the noise level of ASIC miners. Tons of videos/solutions on Ebay. The best in my opinion is the MinerMaster Pro-A which is some advanced stuff but highly effective. Be careful buying as there are many scams sites selling these. They are very hard to get. I am importing a few in a couple of weeks…