Is It Possible To Remote Restart A Rig?

How does everyone handle remotely powering down and restarting their mining rigs? I thought about a smart plug to power cycle the computer, but I would still need a way to hit the power button.

Does anyone have a solution to restarting a rig when you aren’t at home?

Remote desktop :smiley: But, that only works if it’s not in an inaccessible state and you just want to do a reboot.

What are you using for remote desktop?

I will need to put a monitor on this rig so I can start programs and such. Right now I just have it set to auto log in and start mining after I press the power button.

It depends what OS you are running. Windows 10 Pro has built in Remote Desktop capability. There’s also Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop ( which is a free browser based solution. If you are running NiceHash, they also let you send a restart command from their web-site - at least for Windows systems in my experience.

I use Teamviewer but remote desktop or others work fine too. The rig freezing up will be your main issue. You can use a smart plug to kill power and set the BIOS to startup when power is restored although I don’t recommend that. I use a smart plug that powers the coil of a relay that jumpers the two power button pins on the motherboard together to simulate a power button.

If you use Teamviewer, it doesn’t like it if there is no monitor plugged into the rig and won’t work right. I use dummy plugs to prevent that

Why don’t you recommend the bios auto restart after power restore?

I have my auto restart turned on but only for situations where the power goes out. It just seems like a good way to corrupt data or damage hardware if used too much but maybe it is fine. The only benefit of the relay might be when I can get Windows to shutdown on its own with the power button. If I have to hold the power button, it probably isn’t much safer than just killing the power other than not running the full load through the smart plug. My building is 25 miles away and I am paranoid about burning the place down.

i can with team viewer. i just set TV to start with windows and select restart from the pc power menu. computer restarts and when windows loads the rig pops back up on the pc im using to control remotely