Is it worth getting an ETH miner now considering upcoming ETH changes next year?

i realize the E9 is making 200 a day but do you guys think its better to try to buy a doge or ltc miner or even bitcoin miner if starting to shop around today? planning for 2022-2023

I am on the same boat as you at the moment, i am holding back on buying any ETH miner as of the new ETH 2.0 coming out either end of this year or end of next year (estimate time).
i would rather go for LTC and Doge miner personally hey, it will probably pay it self off sooner than a BTC miner.

Mine eth with gpus, when it goes to proof of stake, then your gpus can be used to mine other coins. Or simply sell your gpus back for what you paid for them. But no Its probably not a good idea to buy an Eth ASIC miner.

gotcha, phew i went full circle on all this in just a few days of research, looks like im back to wanting to build a gpu mining rig

I’m also planning to get into crypto mining. I been investing since 2017-18. I plan to buy Doge/LTC miner (2) L7. ROI should be around 4 months (:slight_smile: