Is it worth it to start if I can only afford a $ 1,200-$1,500 asic to start mining?

New to mining and loving all I’m learning, I want to get started, but at the moment can only afford a $1,200-1,500 ASIC, … possibly a little more in the future. Is it worth it?

And if so, best miner for that price range?

you can buy my Bobcat HNT miner for $1300 shipped and have some $$$ left over for McDonalds. it only takes $5 a month in electricity and no heat build up and given off in the room. $10-$20 per day depending ALOT on your location and others around you with a HNT device.

I brought a used S9J and it is a learning experience only to see if I want to buy a S19J PRO. I have some mixed feelings about a electronic device that creates so much heat. These hash chips are running 80C to 100C ( 212F ) just to make coins. The climate control is so much part of getting these miners working.

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There is no guarantee you will make 10-20 a day with helium. A lot of people are not making anywhere close to that. Your location and setup have a lot to do with how much you would make trying helium. Be careful with that and research your area and helium map before doing anything.

You could start off with a small asic miner just to get your feet wet and start learning more. You can get in for under your initial price if you don’t pay scalper fees and don’t fomo in. Maybe look at a goldshell box. You can get a smaller less expensive box that can run on 120v. Check out for estimated profits and electric usage. There is an adjustment at the bottom to change the default electric rate to what you pay…it makes a difference.

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If there are no other helium miners around you then you’ll only make $8 a month mining helium

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id get an l3+ imo

maybe i should change my name to MR L3 LOOL


is the Bobcat new?

@JImboA new in box. never setup … I had brought 3 off ebay. I did the preorder only to realize waiting until Feb 2022 was not going to work for me. So I brought 3 at $1300 each. I used only 2. DO NOT put even 2 on the same IP address. After I found out you cannot put 2 on the same IP, I decided not to use the 3rd one. If someone wants it… fine, if not there is always one of my friends someday that dont think the government is listening on these like sidewalk.

Start with an L3, you will have enough left over to get 220v installed.

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