Is it worth to mine helium in my region?

Hello everybody,
I do want to buy a couple of helium miners so i checked the hot spot map first, and in my city
there are only 8 other miners and they all don’t make more than 2-10 helium tokens a month,
so what chance do i have then?
In other bigger cities that are 30 up to 100km away, have way more miners but the majority
also doesn’t make any money worth to mention, except for a few ones that make 100-200 helium tokes
a month and a happy few make about 1000 and more tokens a month, so how does those happy few ones do that, and can i achieve the same in my city? And i already would be happy with 100-200 tokens a month, but more is always welcome ofcourse.
And i have a friend that lives in a small village 10km away, and he want’s to install a few miners at his office, home, and the home of his girlfriend and at a few friends places, because there are no other miners in his area yet.
We sure want to invest in helium mining, but not when it only brings change for the parking meter.
And i did watch a video about antennas and that the direction of the signal can be round to oval shaped,
so isn’t it possible to hook up all types antennas?
And i did see a video about some mining gear that could be installed at the same location, so way different that a helium miner, because that needs at least 300 meters to work 100%, so does anyone know that miner?