Is a trusted legitimate site

I am new to mining. This will be my first purchase for a miner. I realize ETH is gone in the coming months to mine. My intentions are to mine ETC almost solely. The Jasminer x 4 seems to be the most low cost high producing home miner. I’d like to know anyone that has had experience with good, bad, indifferent. I’m not about trying to be scammed. Lol. Thank you all for any help or suggestions.

I’ve bought from them on most of mine and they been great

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You have to remember the Jasminer X4 only has 5GB for the file size to mine ETH and it will not be able to mine ETH after June even if not going to Proof of Stake because it cannot handle the file. Also, ETC is halving and you will earn 20% less mining it. Prices should be coming way down on miners all overpriced.

I do know and I still plan to get them

Yes, it’s a fully legit supplier

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I recommend this guy also he been great to work with and I ordered and received my order from him also

thank you very much my bro!

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