Is Linzhi Phoenix real

Can anyone tell me if the Linzhi Phoenix is real.

Drew has promoted this machine without ever even seeing or testing one.
I would have thought he would have purchased machines if his enthusiasm was genuine.
I have paid for one using ETH on a Coinbase contract address.
Linzhi have not responded to any emails since I processed my payment.
Any feedback from successful buyers would be greatly appreciated.
Robert Harper

that’s a scam site

The shortlink below takes you to their real site.

Your money is gone, that’s a scam site.

Yes, I now definitely know they are a scam site.
It astounds me that they have been operating for quite some time and even people with are aware of the scan and have even indicated that the scammer is an insider at there company.
This has been confirmed in chat sesions by Werner Almesburger, their leading research and development person,
211 - Werner Almesberger - Linzhi E1400 ETC ASIC - YouTube
He that @Daniel (Telegram) is the scammer.
I am on their trail and will bring them down.
They even use a false Coinbase interface to give the impression that the transaction is being processed by Coinbase.
Trouble is that when you received the email from confirming your payment and giving a transaction code then if you try to reply to the email hen the reply address is
The other ling is that on checking at Coinbase the transaction code is invalid.
The transaction is actually done with an ETH Snart Contract.
ETH Smart Contract are actually legally binding and are paid into merchant accounts.
If the merchant doses supply then the funds are retrievable by law.
They have fallen in the SHIT with this extremely sophisticated scam by doing all of the above.
The Exchange I use, Binance, is legally required to refund the ETH back into my account .
I have been defrauded once before and an international recovery firm retrieve my funds in full.
If Binance won’t play ball with me then this company will deal with them.
They picked on the wrong person when they chose to con me.
I am a University of Tasmania Computing graduate put hold a Master of Teaching (Maths and IT) and I am astounded that no one has taken these bastard down before now.
Keep turned as I will keep you all updated.
I personally think that Drew Vosk should devote a complete video to identifying all the known scammers plus pull all of the videos where has has actively promoted these machines.
The Linzhi Phoenix is not even in production an more and they are supposedly working on the 8Gb upgrade. About 20 were released for testing with very sod after that.
I have ascertained that minerstat received one to test but am once again astounded that all of the profitability calculator still show current profit figures for these unobtainable machine.
It would seem that there are many supposed legitimate businesses are enabled the scammer with this sort of deceptive practice.
Linzhi aren’t taking pre-order, do not have a release date and do not have any idea on pricing.
The same goes for the Innosilicon A11 Pro

  • aren’t taking pre-orders, do not have a release date and do not have any idea on pricing.
    How do I know this? I have spoken directly with the genuine Linzhi and Innosilicon people.

No worry, I have these scammers in my sights.

I never promoted buying their miners, especially buying from a scam site.

I’ve also spoken directly with the real-time, summary? ETH skyrocketed so they kept all of their own miners for themselves to mine as well as sold a few to clients willing to pay insane amounts for their Ethereum miners and never produced more to sell – that I am aware of.

Personally, the scammers I am the most concerned with right now are the VoskCoin impersonators actively targeiting our community and thats where I spend my 8th day a week working.

Crypto never sleeps!

Drew, you have videos about this supposed wonderful miner.
That in itself is outright promotion.
If you were genuine then you would pull the videos off your channel and produce a video outing all the scammers,
I have even proven that is involved in the scam themselves and this has been confirmed by Werner Almesberger, the lead researcher.
I am a computing graduate in Tasmania Australia and have been able to determine this Drew.
You, Drew, are simply interested in your our wealth and no one else on this planet.
You should be ashamed of your actions and inactions.
I am not a scammer Drew, but I am targetting your YouTube Channel as you are a scammer enabler.

I got scammed by linzhi as well for $14,000, I made a purchase based on Vosk’s videos and the link
that was showed.

Vosk should putout a video outing Linzhi as a scam, The miners probably don’t exist and if they do,
they’re keeping everyone’s money and not shipping units.

Vosk should be ASHAMED of himself for putting out a video for a miner that he never bought or tested!!!

All the mining calculators are to be used as a general guideline, not a defacto statement of what you will definitely be earning, which is what Vosk did.