is "minandovoy" safe?

Hi, i was browsing minetheasic and saw that in the “where to buy” page there is this seller from spain “minandovoy” it is not MTA certified but it accepts credit cards/google pay payments.

The prices are insane and that’s what scares me, it is too good to be true so i’m asking and trying to verify 100 times before doing anything.

What happens if i buy from them via credit card/google pay and it reveals to be a scam? will i be able to get my money back or no?

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I’ve never heard of it, and thus am suspicious of it. If the prices are great, its probably too good to be true. What are the prices? *too lazy to look myself :imp:


I did some digging and found this vendor? is this what you’re talking about?

minandovoy doesn’t sound safe to be honest lol – i have no experience w/ them, will try and do some digging over the weekend.


It’s an EU seller so prices are in € and they have the Jasminer X16-Q for 2615€

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Yes, that’s the correct website

What about is it legit? they have ok prices

hard to say for certain, web page looks pretty cookie cutter… I’ve purchased miners from ebay, ofc checking the sellers customer satisfaction and reviews, and someone I’ve met in person.

I would stay away from any of these obscure vendor sites unless you can 100% trust it. for example a friend has used it and received their gear no issues.


Yeah, that sounds too good to be true. stick with reputable mining websites.

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Do not buy from them.

Pre-ordered a bitmain antminer s21 pro. Then saw some videos saying that mining bitcoin is not a good idea for home miners. Contacted the company to cancel my order. They asked why and offered to sell me more profitable miners but I would have to pay the difference. Their prices were not great so I called and talked to Ivan and he said he could cancel the order and issue a refund. I messaged them on WhatsApp because the guy the answered the phone could not speak English and he hung up on me several times. Then was messaging with Ivan again and he changes his tune and says a refund is not possible because the order was already put in to bitmain. Meanwhile the untit hasn’t even been shipped to them. So I told them I was going to dispute with the cc company and he told me to do what I want. Very unprofessional and difficult to get a hold of. They will simply answer the phone then hangup when they hear that you speak english.