Is minerboat a scam

Hi everyone,

I was looking on the internet for a Goldshell kd5 miner and found one on
Goldshell Kd5 18 Th/s Kadena Miner -

Is this a scam? On trustpilot the reviews are good and on Google I can’t find bad reviews.


Hey ruben,

Someone else posted a similar question on reddit last night

I supply KD5’s too, and $9158 for a KD5 in this market? Yeah right. try closer to $15,000. No one’s selling these things at a loss. It’s probably safe to say this is just another scam site out there.

Let’s also point out the lack of contact details.

Trust pilot reviews have not been a reliable means to determine if a business is credible and the same goes with google reviews. These things can be faked. It’s for that reason I haven’t bothered to set up a profile for my company. Why bother setting up reviews if they can’t be trusted anyhow?

Looks legit! LOL

Thank you for the replies.

I did some research about but it’s difficult to find good or bad things.
Just found that the owner of the house on the address on the site doesn’t appear to be from you but Colwell S. and I can’t find company records on that address.
Just found Raycove Enterprises llc started in march 2020 and you started in september 2021.
Sorry but you have to convince me with something else that you are serieus.
Anyone here that bought from and is satisfied?

Sorry had a little issue with the reply :sweat_smile:

Raycove Enterprises LLC is the registered name in the state of Montana. Its been primarily a mining company until just over a month ago. is a DBA(doing business as) and represents the retail side of my company. The aim is to provide people with a trustworthy place to get their asics from. Ill 100% open and honest with customers.

Yes my company is relatively new, I understand that, but that doesn’t mean I’m out here trying to screw people over. If you don’t trust me I understand, and you don’t have to work with me.
And no I dont own that house, we’re just operating out of that property. Most companies do rent their space as its more economical to do so.

@Craig_Schadler What is that a picture of?

That’s Google street view of their location / facility

But did you look at the building BEHIND that streetview? Not saying it makes them legit. Just saying that streetview is the entrance to a business that has that warehouse and parking log in the back.

Since ur a supplier when is your next batch coming I’d love to buy 3

sign up for the mailing list to get updates on offers and discounts. Kadena prices are insane right now, and everyone is price gouging. definitely wouldn’t recommend buying right this moment. $74,000 for a KD5 right now 11/8/21. Crazy!