Is running three gpus in a PC case via able?

Hi guys, I’ve just built my first mining PC consisting for a RX 580 and an RX 570 mining on Nicehash. I,ve bios modded both cards and got stable overclocks with good temps, me and my partner are currently building a new PC and I’d like to know if having three RX 580s in the same case with good cooling is viable or would it just not work?

Some motherboards have 3 or more X16 pcie slots, but it’s the spacing that matters. RX570 or RX580 video cards should fit as they are typically less than 2 slots wide. I’d check the width and length first.

You said you had temperature under control, so that leaves the power supply. You may have to increase it’s size to run 3 RX580’s.

It doesn’t matter that using three X16 pcie slots results in X8, X8, X4 operation because when using risers, you are getting X1 lanes and Gen2 speeds. (Riser Dependant). That’s fast enough for mining.

I would question a purchase of RX580’s over newer technology unless they are really cheap. For mining large hashrate is nice but high efficiency is better.

Hey man

Based on power vs efficiency. My question is RX580 or Rx5500xt. Both would be 8gb cards.

Thanks for you reply, the motherboard I’d be using is the ASUS STRIX B450-F the spacing is sufficient imo, also I’m contemplating getting three 1660 super over RX cards, after I’ve built my new PC I’m going to start working towards my first 6 card rig

Some real world stats, I just swapped an RX 580 for a 5700XT in my main pc. Wattage readings are from my UPS software and measure total system draw including monitor:

RX580 while mining: fluctuates between 252-378 watts, 30 MH/s
5700XT while mining: stable ~261 watts, 55 MH/s