Is the Antminer L3+ Worth It Right Now?

I found an L3+ for $15991 on bt-miners which comes with a PSU as well. Do you think this ASIC is worth it right now with the L7 coming out soon? I would be undervolting it down to 660W at a $0.10 electricity rate. Asic Miner Value says that it would make $1.88 right now,2 but minerstat says that it would make $2.86 right now at 660W.3

I currently have a few Goldshell box miners and those have been great, but I am looking for my first full ASIC to purchase right now. If you think it’s not a good time to buy it, what would you suggest instead?

• 1. Antminer L3+ Litecoin & doge miner 504MH/s with PSU and Cord
• 2. Bitmain Antminer L3+ (504Mh) profitability | ASIC Miner Value
• 3. Antminer L3+ mining calculator ⛏️ | minerstat

I would not buy one over 800 there all over the resale market there was just 5 posted in vosk discord for 750 a unit


It’s not worth it. Bt-miner never has good deal on miners.

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That’s expensive…

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Ignoring the bt-miner price, do you think an L3+ is worth getting at all right now? What price would you say is a good price as well?

If you can get them for under $900

With L7 coming out, I’d say if you can get one between 400-500, it’s a good buy

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If you are interested in a LT5Pro or HS5 you can get them for direct pricing on Asic Miners us right now. The LT5 pro is power hungry but making around $20 a day. I got mine 2 days after my order.

Products – ASIC Miners US

Is this a legit site? Couldn’t find much about it…

where did you search for this site before making purchase?

L3s are becoming the next S9s…no matter what others say, you won’t see any profits unless the whole market rises. this is a 5 year old machine…only reason it’s running until now is because of elon musk.

It’s legit and they accept any form of payment. I watched a few videos on his YouTube channel then emailed and chatted before I made my purchase. I would recommend them.

I’m going to take a slightly different approach and dare to be different.
(Excuse my god awful handwriting lol)

Just going from average prices, average power, and average consumption, I came up with this. Now your price per kWh is going to make a big impact on what kind of profits you get, and things can be under/overclocked, but it doesn’t seem that bad of a deal to me.


I have 7 L3+ and L3++. Run them on NiceHash. Love them. In the Winter, I reverse duct them into 8" duct to heat my home. $1200ish each.

I run 6 l3+ all overclocked all running great in process of building a mining shed well that’s mostly done more long lines waiting for electric my plan is to be running 30 by end of year with other I do have a z11 on its way and trying to get a z15 the l3 are profitable if u have cheap electric.then it goes in to my opinion I’d rather run 14 l3 which is roughly 10k over 1s19pro which ever one u want that s19 goes down you are done mining till it back up and running if one l3 goes down your still mining way with minimal lose the only thing I see the s19 has over the l3 is power lot of this is my opinion and way I’m going I’m also covering the electric so far so my profit are bigger because I’m not use the miner to pay for electricity yet when my electric is above my 1k month they will start covering the electric rate past 1k oh and ps with l7 coming online which my opinion they been mostly running the whole time I’m taking a lose per miner.0089 so to me they didn’t do much all my own opinion do your own research

It’s all about efficiency. If you have plenty of power and cheap electricity, the L3+ may be okay. Most of us mine from home, and it would not only be waste of money but also energy to mine 19 of these just to be on the same level as one L7.

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$1200 each? horrible price

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I agree I’d rather have 1 L7 but if someone is looking at an LT5 pro, you can have 5 L3+’s for $2500 less. I’ve seen you can get them to run at 504 mh/s and 600w and at that point it’s also more efficient than an LT5 pro.


Yea it’s all about electricity I’d still want l3 over a l7 here again 23k for a l7 works out to 28 l3 that’s at 800 a piece which is little high right now but my average I make roughly 5 a day per asic without electricity that’s roughly 140 a day now add in electricity which I know what each my asic use a month which is 35$ Which 28 l3 works out to 980 a month they would make roughly 4200 so u would take home 3200 a month compared 1 l7 would only make u roughly 2500 before electricity but it does come down to yea u have to upgrade electric and build something to store them but still pays off if I’m looking at it right

And who know if the L7 is going to be a good asic or turn out to be a pile of shit could be another s17unless they been running the whole time

Just got notice that my L7 9500M shipped - not the 9050M they were offering to ship last month.