Is the collapse of FTX a watershed moment for staking?

What are everyone’s thoughts on the future of staking? I personally see the latest contagion as a watershed moment for PoS. If people remove their Eth from exchanges once the contract periods expire PoS could be in trouble.

defi/staking can be completely removed from CEX’s so it can still be a useful tool. that being said most staking for yields above 20% are either a scam, or will be brought down by more people staking in a short time. 5-10% is a mostly realistic number but still staking in general is just a ponzi scheme.

There is a difference between staking and delegation. Know the difference.:

I get your point, but given the volatility of Eth does it make sense to stake it as opposed to trading it? Just a thought. I may be short sighted here but I just don’t see the overall value of staking.

I never used FTX most of the CEX offered lending rewards not staking from what I have seen and gathered.