Is the Innosilicon A11 Pro real?

Hi, is currently take orders at $16920.00 USD.
This is for Jan 2022 delivery.
The web page address is INNOSILICON - A11 Pro ETH Miner (2000MH/s)
Can I trust this site and is it the genuine Innosilicon company.
All replies to this topic would be greatly appreciated.
Robert Harper
P.S. please note that I have already been scammed out of $18500AUD when attempting to purchase a Linzhi Phoenix from the scamming site of
This machine is aptly name as it is as mythical and non-existent as the ASIC machine itself.
My research has subsequently proven that the site is directly control by persons within the real Linzhi Ltd site
Why and/or how the site continues to be allowed on the internet is beyond my understanding.
Anyway, is the Innosilicon site trustworthy.
A direct reply from Drew Vosk would be welcomed has has posted videos promoting both the Innosilcon A11 Pro and the mythical Linzhi Phoenix.
Robert Harper

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you have to realize these scammers are super smart.

They contact a influencer within a given community and they promote free this and that to the influencer whom can only do the same as others in research and vetting. However what can happen in the end is the site was merely a lure to get others to send money to rip them off only costing them the investment of sending a free miner to XYZ influencer. What appears good today can be gone tomorrow. Just the way life is.

@harperr So sorry to hear that Robert. I got scammed out of $3.5k last spring thinking I was buying a LT5 Pro from Goldshell but I was on an absolutely identical looking scam site. So I feel your pain (though not $18.5 AUD worth of pain admittedly).

Something seems off. I believe this is the official site. They don’t even show the A11. And all other ETH ASICs are sold out

I don’t pay attention to ETH rig market pricing because I feel it’s too late in the game with PoS looming on the horizon. That said, a theoretical A11 should be producing ~US$135/day. Why would someone sell it to you for $16.2k? Not for anything, that’s a 120 day break even. A manufacturer simply would raise the price to something closer to a 240 day break even (or more) as we’ve seen with Bitmain and Goldshell.

Be careful out there. It’s a scammy business

The A11 is a real miner, the Linzhi as far as I know is not a real miner. We are currently accepting preorders for the A11, but not once have we come across the Linzhi Phoenix.

I was curious about this LinZhi … I had seen some YouTube videos with this chinese girl always presenting the product. Here is a really good overview of some hardware from them back in 2020

Maybe only a handful of units were manufactured and sold, exclusive inventory. But if it is real it will be very hard to find.