Is there a list of places to buy asic miners?

So far all I’ve got are and compassmining.up and

Specifically I’m trying to get a goldshell lt5 if anyone knows a site that has them in stock

Be careful with Coin Mining Central just plugged my S9 in and the power supply popped and will not turn on!

This is interesting. I was considering buying from coinminingcentral last year but, their lack of phone support combined with a UK address that appears to be in a residential area but, can’t be seen on google street view was too concerning. How long have you had your S9 for? With my electricity prices, no S9 is profitable for me.

Alibaba----Chinese and Japanese sellers ONLY… Sonny Song and a few Others I have ordered and received, no problems with miners. They send a video when they test your miner before they ship it… when they send you the video it will have your miner running and shows the hashrate ,they will hold a card up with your name, date and machine they are testing. Then they ship DHL(usually $250+ xtra) arrives about 7 business days.

I had my S9 for about a week. I live on a farm so I have lower electricity rates. So I wanted to try an asic first before I ordered something of higher value.