Is this a good started miner

I’m new at mining. And with all the scams online I would prefer to buy directly from manufacturers

one of the bit miners I’m looking at is antminer S19j pro from bitmain. Is this a good starter miner? Something that will last a long time

There is no such thing as lasting a long time or if you define use of product at least past warranty only one year, then it should make that.

Heat is the killer of electronics. No one can say how your hardware will react long term based on how you use it and how it is installed.

I only comment because I am a computer and mechanical engineer. I have seen so many issues over my years of working with companies like Raytheon and ExxonMobil Oil as system Tier 1 level engineer.

I am new here on this forum, but, I been doing custom jobs my long life of 50+ years. I plan to do HNT ETH and ASIC hardware.

As to buying? I been on eBay since 1998. The scams have got out of control in the last 5 years. eBay seems to not care that people post with 0 feedback and just joined on that day and posted a $20,000 AntMiner only to never ship it. Such a waste of time on the buyer part and eBay having to eventually refund.

This forum has some guy named Speedy3dPrinting and he claims to have doge hardware. I want to buy from him, but, still his ebay feedback is very low and makes a claim to have a $5000 monthly sell limit. I dont have a limit on my account, but, I been there like indicated since 1998.

Be nice if someone from here stepped up and recommended this guy for the hardware he claims to be about to sell direct from China to your door also.