Is this a scam website?

Check the address. It’s in a strip mall. You’re telling me a company making a “claimed” amount of $1,520,000 per hour. Is operating out of strip mall? Oh and has KD5’s under 10k? As a vendor I can say that is complete and utter, well you get the point. Check my prices here This is about what every other legitimate vendor is offering, give or take 5%.

If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Hi all,

Be warned, this is a long one.

I have tried to buy a Goldshell KD2 from Keep in mind and a few others are their sister sites or clones. They all have a very similar website, only difference I found is the location of state they’re in, phone number, and the chat platform used.
Though they are responsive, this is my feedback.
They gave me a safer way of payment via CC or crypto via escrow service. I chose with credit card.
Though service was great, receiving the miner is another matter. After confirmation of payment and 3 days, I reached out on a ship date, they assured me it would be shipped in a few days, It didn’t. A few days later (this is about a week after payment), they assured me it was delayed and would be shipped next day.

It never shipped and they returned my money by crediting it back to my cc. Reason - they been scammed with fraudulent cc’s and want me to make payment where I should share my One Time Password I receive from text from my bank. Odd?

I attempted to buy, they requested I give them the OTP (it’s the password the banks tell you to never share) to the merchant within 5 minutes. That’s because the OTP expires in 10 min. I responded in 7 minutes. Next thing you know I get a call from fraud services, if I attempted to add this card to Apple Pay on a new iPhone. I, of course said no.

The bank went ahead and canceled my cc and is sending me out a new one.

The support staff via chat says they are not cons, or we were we would of never returned your money. They are trying to get answers from their Finance Dept, but not surprisingly I have not heard anything back yet.

My love to gain access to the KD2 is very apparent. Yet I’m still willing to work with them if payment is made through a safe method.

Am I crazy?

Bro you are crazy I got scammed from that website after taking 10,250$ they stopped responding to my msg and after 5 days I called my back to charge back thanks God I live in the USA banks fucking protect us from these scammers never again will I buy from a low boll pricing website only legit websites like goldshell.

Don’t do it. That website is a scam you will get hurt.

I went and bought the kd5 4 weeks ago and I paid with debit card after 5 days amd taking 10,250$
They stopped responding and I called my bank to cnacle the transaction thankfully I was able to get my money back. Never again. Guys be careful only buy from legit mining companies