Is this a scam website?

Hey mining friends! Have any of you bought a miner from this website? I am not sure if they are legit or not?

Looking at the prices, I would say scam

How about this one? It does look legit but the prices are low as well.

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Honestly its hard to say. they say they are in CA and they take credit card.

which should be good, right?
With a credit card I can get my money back. Also, they say they have warranty and refund policies. What do you think?

I’m still skeptical and they don’t seem to have anything in stock. What are you looking to buy?

By in stock I mean ASIC machines

I want to buy Bitmain L7 9.5 and Bitmain D7 1286. They have pretty good prices there, they also accept AMEX at the warehouse when you are picking up the orders.

I found this site as well for Goldshell KD 5, but I am not sure of it either

If you can recommend a good supplier for any of those 3, I’d very much appreciate it.

It looks legit and the google earth shows a industry property. When you look up the address the build was up for sale or lease and now it occupied but it doesn’t say Powerstripe any where. I like the fact that you only put down 25% then pay the rest after they get the order shipped out. Other sites dont do that. I found one that will give you a 15% discount on your first order and I’m still schematically about this one as well but Voskcoin is on the site.

A KD5 for $5100 has to be a scam. Goldshell sells them for $10,500 and they are the manufacturer.

Is Vosk really a customer or did they just make that up? I haven’t seen where Vosk has said anything about evo on any video. The prices are extremely low which throws alot of red flags for me

Yeah I would want to hear it from Vosk first…I will look into it more. I wish there was a way to back check these sites some how to see if they are a front for scamming.

я тоже пришел сюда в поиске информации по
очень мало информации в сети об этой компании. хотел купить rtx3090 у них. цены очень вкусные, но что то попахивает наеДаловом! )



L7 are $13K/$14K
E9 is $22K

@VoskCoin can you verify?