Is this blog used anymore?

I don’t see any recent stuff here. I’m new to crypto been following the channel for a month or two. Just came to the blog today. I’m a bit brain dead on how to use most of these new things for tokens etc… Yeah I watched the videos but I’m 48 and maybe a bit old school to grasp some of it. I use coin base and crypto. Com for now. Figured out Celsius so staked a bit titn there but the defi sites are a bit confusing to me on how to use them properly. I’m an American so maybe that’s the issue on some sites. It is a learning curve I guess.

Welcome aboard, hope its forever a bull run for you. Welcome to the club, I’m 57, and the bitcoin learning curve is like 70 degrees, not only that, it is still changing.
There are as many wallets as days in the year, and their all different in some way, then you have Defi platforms. But wait… lets not forget all those exchanges, and what they have to offer. I started with Coinbase and still have an account with them. I have treied lets see…Block Fi, Kraken, Binance. Kucoin, I think you get it, just too many to list.
You are in luck though, for as many ways to invest in Bitcoin, (and all the others) there are as many websites rating them.
I currently us Coinbase, Kraken, and as my exchanges. My wallets are Defi Wallet, Trust wallet, and MetaMast. I have a lot of trouble using Kraken to be honest.
What always seems to jam me up is a lot of wallets and Defi platforms can only really be used on you phone, and the fact if you send your money to the wrong address your sol man.
Keep reading I will too, maybe together we can muddle through this, Good Luck…