Is this for real?

So I was thinking about buying the new G1 coming out next month,but then I saw this page recently posted.

My brain says scam,says obelisk type propaganda. But if its true,ayyyy,how much?

Lookin to see if anybody heard of these miners yet?

I’ve never heard of them, and my gut says there’s no way in hell a company would make a product with ~$7000/mo profit and sell it for $5000USD. Plus their page looks really bare and lacks a LOT that other legit companies have on their pages.

When I went to that one page,it was unsecure so no way that its legit. They had a guy trying to scam me on the obelisk GRN1,he had a site that was or something like that. I had to dig deep on obelisk page and ask an employee about it and they said never(NEVER) produced and were not at the moment interested in producing,then this G1 came out and all I can think is here it comes again,pay high for a miner and another comes out and smashes it to little bitty pieces. I’m still gonna rock that G1 unless a miracle GPU comes out.

My bad,I’m trying to throw all this together and now I realize what this ad and type of miner is being so called produced and/or for sale. The BITTHULL scam,same M/O,they scammed a miner called miner box I believe…yea,scam,scam

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This webiste is 100% is a scam. There is no 410TH SHA256 ASIC @ 620W. There is also no way all the different chipsets you’d need to mine all these different coins could fit in one box.

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

For crypto:
If it’s too good to be true, it is.

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I felt I had to post this,too many people gettin scammed these day and if this post save 1 person,just 1 then i did my deed. Thanks for helping.

another scam site…same M/O…prolly same guy makin a killing scamming.