Is this possible?

Is it possible to set up/run an ASIC miner via a smartphone? I don’t have a computer and I’d really rather not add a computer to my shopping list just to set up my miner. Can I borrow a laptop if need be or does it need to be constantly connected to the same network?

Yes you can as it is a web based interface. You will just need to know the miners up address to access the miners interface. There probably is ip scanners for Android or iOS you could use to find the ip address.

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Thanks for the quick response. I was getting worried that I would need to buy a computer, which would make the whole thing not worth it. I appreciate it!

I use my phone to access my miners remotely. To do it you will need a laptop, desktop or even a cheap android tablet. I have a laptop at home connected to the network then I use googles remote desktop. Now I can connect to my laptop from my phone and remotely make changes and monitor my Asics from anywhere I have an internet connection.

In reality if you had a spare Android phone you could leave it plugged in and on and use that to connect remotely too. All you need is googles remote desktop app.