Is this site legit to buy from?

that’s a scam, if you want to buy ASIC miners I would contact

Thank u very much!!! But they only have 2 miners lol

hahaha that’s a fair reply, we have worked with Coin Mining Central successfully as well & code voskcoin gets you 3% off (we get nothing btw)

@VoskCoin, what about this website?

Nevermind, it’s a scam. See this article from MicroBT’s website about scam websites for their products: 比特微

has anyone done business with

So far general recommendations seem to be buy from yes its going to cost a bit more however seems to be 95% positive or you buy direct from the seller. Everything else seems like a pretty big risk from what I’ve read in 2 days of being a member. If anyone else has any input please feel free to debunk my statement, im still learning.

i just ordered on it last week… i’ll keep you posted if i got scammed or not! because i can use my credit card ( amex) i’m 99.9% sure to be protected if i get scammed!