Is This Top Crypto DONE?!

BREAKING Crypto NEWS The godfather of DeFi is quitting!? How will this affect DeFi, Ethereum, and Fantom? Let’s review the latest crypto news and more like the Intel Bitcoin ASIC miner update in today’s video! Sub to VoskCoin! -

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Fantom (FTM) is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and decentralized applications. Andre Cronje, the “Godfather of DeFi,” and his partner are leaving the DeFi space - what does that mean for DeFi and Fantom? FTX also is moving to Europe, BlockFi adds more tokens, and Layer 2 start-up, Immutable, raises $200M. Intel 2nd Gen ASIC also claims to be 15% more efficient and half the cost of the S19jPro. Goldshell has also announced they are bringing a Lite series quiet home miner to market. Learn all about this, and more, in this news video!

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00:00 DeFi godfather leaving crypto…wait what?
00:49 Fantom ecosystem loses value
02:32 The DeFi godfather is leaving DeFi
06:31 FTX pushing to Europe
07:05 Binance resumes Euro and Pound transfers
07:34 BlockFi is adding new coins
08:15 NFT startup raises $200 million
09:21 New updates on Intel ASIC chips - S19jPro
09:53 Goldshell launching new ASIC miner series
10:17 USDT has an insane buying power

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Is This Top Crypto DONE?!

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