Is Uniswap V3 the BEST DEX now?! UNI to $100 per token?

Is Uniswap the best decentralized exchange since Uniswap V3 launched and will this finally bring UNI tokens to over $100 per coin? Uniswap DEX launches NFTs for Liquidity Providers, let’s review Uniswap V3! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Uniswap really revolutionized cryptocurrency after launching their decentralized exchange and it was specifically Uniswap V2 that found true success and was the catalyst for the heart of the cryptocurrency bullrun. Uniswap is looking to further enhance and develop their DEX bringing decentralized finance DeFi back to the forefront of every crypto investors focus and integrating unique mechanics like representing your liquidity provider positions with non-fungible tokens NFTs instead of simply just another fungible ETH token. Let’s review Uniswap V3 and see if UNI is trending towards $100 per token or if Uniswap is a bad crypto investment?!

Trade, liquidity mine, and mint LP NFTs on Uniswap!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The biggest and most popular DEX
03:07 UNISWAP version 3 Launch
04:20 Liquidity providers NFT tokens UNI v3
05:23 What happens to Uniswap v2?
06:52 UNISWAP has bad marketing? Holding $100 UNI back
08:43 Who will be the next biggest DEX?
10:46 How to buy and sell on UNISWAP v3
13:57 Gas fees lower but still expensive
16:08 Earning passive income with crypto defi
18:11 DeFI is getting mainstream adoption

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Uniswap v3 review and UNI token price prediction 2021

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