Is legit

Hi all…I’ve come across this website that has great prices and also seems to pass the scam alert websites…has anyone had any direct dealings with them as I want to put in a bulk order but want to hear others feedback first?

I can’t seem to find an actual company address on their site. Prices seem to be “to good to be true” territory. Maybe its a new company and is legit. Paypal checkout offers buyer protection, so as long as you check out with that, I’d think you’d be ok. Or if they let you use a credit card then it would also be a secure payment method.

For reference they are charging $1100 for a 3090, Newegg has it on their site for $3000+

Hungh, I’ll be staying tuned in. Have you tried any other sites, like Gold Shell I know there ligit, actually have good prices, and customer service. Customer service in this sector is very hard to come by.

Shameless plug, but I operate as a reseller. If you can’t find anyone, then I’d be happy to help you out. If you contact me by phone or email I can get you a better price than most retailers out there.

The customer service issue is exactly why I decided to just start my own store. The few legit sites never respond in a timely manner :frowning:

Thanx for the quick reply. Still bouncing the idea around in my head.