Is Zeniq Minting the new Mining?

Hi! I Am a new here, Fast intro about myself,
My name is Martin, and live in Norway. I started Mining at 01.01.2021. After seen some video from voskcoin, I wanted to try mining for my self an learn as I go. I don’t have much, but have finally made 1 eth, After mining with Gpus.

Back to the topic.

A friend of mine told me about a new coin, its called Zeniq Coin. Its a Brand new coin in the crypto system, and you can be you own bank. And you can buy small or big minting system that make this Zenic coin. Its all in the start. And they say, if this make the way through, it can be big they say.

But I am not 100% sure how it all works yet, and wanted to ask ya guys if you have heard anything like this before? I have added 2 information links, and one registration link.
I have used 250 euro to buy one small hub for the minting system.
The date i bought it was 07/11/2021 and have minted “26 zeniq coins” today (07/17/2021)
that’s 6 days. I was in a Norwegian meeting about the zeniq coin last weekend. And he told that the minting will be going for 20 years?

I really hope someone else have heard about it or is doing this, i want to hear other’s meaning around this coin system! I am totally new to this coin.

Here are the information sites
More info:


Best regards

Hey ! I have heard about it as well that we could mine it for 20 years ! And don’t forget that the price of the coin is increasing every year ! Started at 0,03$ and now 0,25$ that’s crazy !

Thats my link to register if anyone is interested !

And if you need any help or questions on the project you can text me !

Same here. I think the coin will do great in the next few years considering what they are about to solve. I have also but a small hub hoping it continue minting for the next 20 years. Here is my link for anyone who is interested in registering.