ISO L3+ & ++ or s17 miners

Hey everybody I think I am finally ready to pull the trigger on buying some miners and after some Research, I am looking for 2 L3 miners. I have seen multiple posted on newegg and various other websites but I would like to know its a trusted seller before I just throw my savings out the window, lol. If anyone has any knowledge of the where abouts of a trusted seller who has some of these in stock Please Let me know, Also what are some miners and platforms you would suggest to a “green” crypto miner? Thanks in advance!


Rather than endorse any one vender here on Vosk, I would suggest you just keep reading the post.
Just today, I saw a thank you/positive review post of one of our local venders here.
That vender has a website that holds “in-stock” and used/cheap options.
You’re in the right place. Follow their profiles to their business websites. Call them on the phone.

I’m unsure about green crypto mining. I’ve learned some, not nearly enough to advise.


I will continue to keep an eye out, I saw a few people already that seem pretty legit. just need to have some patience until i find the best one i can start with for the money I have. thanks for the feedback!

I have two that I am looking to get rid of. I was wanting to try and trade them for two helium miners, but I am open to selling outright.

They are located in Denver, Colorado.

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awesome, how much where you trying to get for them?

I would love to get $1000 a piece for them. Where are you located? I want to get a rough idea on shipping costs.

I’m interested in L3 let me know if still for sell