Issues finding the right cord for my S19XP

Hi there, I purchased my first ASIC and wanted to connect it to my dryer outlet in my apartment. I was having issues finding the plug. Would anyone have any suggestions?

I believe it’s a NEMA14-30P to 2 x c13, can’t seem to find it anywhere online. :S


Let’s see if I can find a few things for you on Amazon.

First, get an adapter to L6-30r.

Second, get a PDU

Third, get at least 2 of these C14 to C13 wires.

Make sure to stay under 24 Amps. There’s a display showing voltage (should be between 205 and 245) Most big ASICs will be 14 Amps or less. You can pair bigger ones (S19 series) with smaller ones (E9 Pro, D9). (Size here is wattage, not physical dimensions.)

I hope that helps!


Try a NEMA 6-30P to 2 x C13 adapter. This adapter has a slightly different plug configuration than the NEMA14-30P, so you would need to confirm that it is compatible with your ASIC before using it.

Helps a lot! Thank you so much!

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If interested I have some tripplight equipment for sale such as meter PDU and C13 cables also, less than 2-3 weeks power ran on cables due to relocating to a host.

Having dealt with similar issue’s, I’d suggest looking into just replacing the wall socket.

Maybe something like

Of course your input wires and voltage will define the socket, but that’s general idea.

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