Issues running Nicehash

So, right now I have a 2 Radeon VII rig running on Nicehash and for 2-3 weeks the results were smooth and consistence $4.25 a day. but in the past couple days not only have to results dropped by 30% but they are using different Algs. One wants to use the Phoenix miner and the other KawPow. I haven’t changed a thing. And the dual miner that it was usually running now say there is No Benchmark.

Anyone else noticing weird actions?

Chip lottery (chips from batches have slight variance) means that no two cards are identical twins.

Now as for them selecting different algorithms… I have four msi 1660 supers. Sometimes 3 do dagger and 1 kawpow, sometimes 4-0, and sometimes 0-4. They are all tuned the exact same. But they can sometimes run different temps which will affect their efficiencies.
Also, nicehash selects which algo a miner based on what pays best, but you can curtail or even stop that by dictating in the benchmark menu which miners and algorithms are enabled. I have my 6 card rig restricted to Phoenix-dagger, nbminer-kawpow, and gcuda-kawpow. I ket them switch back and forth between the three as nice hash sees fit.

I would recommend reviewing your benchmarks, temps, and ambient temperatures and see if maybe there might be a root case in one of those areas imho

Also if you’ve lost a benchmark it could have been because a miner updated and it must be benched with the newer version

There has been an update to TeamRedMiner and now it is doing great on KaPow. I have just seen a vid from Guntis about how he has switched to mining KaPow with his AMD cards. Nicehash is probably finding this out when benchmarking

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I’m cool with that but my computer isn’t. KaPow runs a lot hotter. like 15 degrees hotter. The weird part is i’m not even getting a benchmark for some of the Eth ones I was just mining a couple days ago. I mean some I get benchmark error but NO benchmark? period? seems odd. Also noticing MinerGate is basically down as well. wonder if there is something bad we don’t know about.

Thanks for the tip on limiting the choices.

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Iirc Kawpow uses every part of the gpu which is why it runs hotter. Some algorithms will use only a facet of the card so any oc tune I’ve done to my card usually does run hotter when mining kawpow since the entire card is generating heat instead of just sections. I dialed back my tune for now to keep the temps from getting too high while I continue research tuning within individual miner programs

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