Issues using poolin in the US

Hello, as of this morning my miner (S19j) is having network problems. When I went to access the poolin app it says that it is no longer available in my country. So using my web browser I signed into my account on poolin and there isn’t anywhere that I can find it saying that it’s not available in the US. But my miner is no longer connected to my account. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m wondering if it’s time to use a different mining pool, any recommendations on one?


Over a year ago Poolin faced liquidity issues leading to the issuance of worthless IOU’s. Majority of users were affected and suffered significant financial losses including people we know personally. They silently ban anyone seeking answers on their Telegram channel and have no accountability for their actions. So yes, definitely time to use a different pool lol. Recommend Nicehash or ViaBTC