Item received from China in 10 days

I ordered from newegg and franks marketplace on Dec 27 from China, received it today… wrong plug end but thats all good… I was hoping to cranks this doge beast up but will get there soon… anyhow. Fwiw, I overpaid, but received it quickly…


Good job. Lets go print that doge!

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If you bought the version that comes with a single unit power supply then they come with a common plug for everyone but us here in the US. If you are US just use a monitor/computer plug in it’s place - works just fine.


I know and you would think I’d have a plug end around somewhere but no dice… lol I’m going g to a local pc shop tomorrow who was some gpus and will puck one up…
If I were to bribe sk.eone at the store do you think it would work to have a gpu heads up notice? I got 2 2060s a few weeks back at msrp and felt like I won but I just want more lol

they’ll probably give you one of those cables for free. I know I have like a dozen lying around here. That or just pick one up off Amazon. They are under $10.

Scooped one from a TV in a spare room… going to see what trouble I can get into shortly…
Hash on brother, hash on lol