Jasminer From Jinglemining

Planning on buying a Jasminer from Jinglemining, just hesitant because they only accept crypto payments.
Is this legit?

One of the user on this forum told me that their MOQ is 50 pcs. Not sure if this is still valid. I do believe they are legit. Some have received their miners from the company.

The website allows for single purchases.

Ok, that’s good to hear. there are some that have ordered from them with no problems.

Thank you, I was really hesitant because it is a large amount.
It is so hard to trust with so many scams out there.

yes they have a MOQ as far as i know thats why the price is a bit lower . they are legit asfar as i know

and yes its real lol

This is when you buy directly from Jasminer.

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Im looking at those units too…

But it seems a risky move with the current eth mining situation…

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Try Aliexpress quick delivery and your money is safe with them if you pay trough Aliexpress and includes insurance. I have bought 6 miners trough Aliexpress received in 7 days shipped to UK.The store I deal with on Ali Express is called
“Yuan Ye Global Tech Store” and his Jasminer X4 miner is priced @$8999 and he will do you deal .His name is Frank whatsapp +8617753 399777 he sells all brands. Link to his store and remember pay trough Aliexpress.
Yuan Ye Global Tech Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress 

what is their direct website? I haven’t been able to find the manufacturer’s website.

sales@sunlune.com try contacting them here.

They also mine the Etchash algorithim which will still be available.
If you have never used the unmineable.com pool, check it out.
You can mine 60 different coins including XRP, Chainlink, Uniswap, Cardano and others with ethash, etchash, randomX and Kawpow algorithims at faster rates.

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Did you end up ordering?

Waiting for my balance to become tradeable, Coinbase has a 6 day hold because of the amount.
I will update as soon as I do.