Jasminer X16Q Opening Ceremony Sunday May 28

There will be an opening ceremony for Jasminer X16Q May 28 in Beijing.
From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (UTC+8)
We will see the 1st sample and observe its hashrate and overclocking.
I will attend the meeting and thanks for all your questions coming.
Please contact me for more possible discount. Thank you.

Test Video on May 20.

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what is the ETA for the X16 model? non Q?


Hello. Nice to see your question and sorry for late reply.
Its ETA was in May. But now its ETA is from June 15 - June 30.
(We have compensation policy for the late delivery, which is based on daily revenue.)
However, the batches for May and June have been sold out before April 10.
From then on until now, ETA of preorder batch is July.
Thanks again for your kind question!


And this link is a video shot on May 20. A sample of Jasminer X16Q is running and in test.
I have attended “Jasminer ETC Forum” in Beijing last Sunday.
The engineers of Jasminer told me that they were continuously testing and adjusting its chip and configurations in order to make the sample in a nice hashrate and in a steady quality.