Jasminer X4-1U : ASIC


Anyone keen to share their views on Jasminer X4-1U ?

Given ETH 2.0 is around the corner, would this be something to consider or stay well clear if it ?


I took a chance on it and got it set up 2 days ago. Like in Vosk’s video, mine is running at 580mh at around 260w. Once eth 2.0 comes, there are at least 4 other ethash coins and etc to mine. I did the math on all of them, and at 250w, any of them will still be profitable given the hash/watt ratio. I may not make all my investment back on eth, but certainly will with the other coins afterwards. My closest gpu rig does 510mh at 1100w, so more than 10% less has and 4x the power use. Just my opinion on it.

I have Jasminer X4 Brick. it is not that powerful but has no fans so no noise. using it as decoration in my living room. I was afraid to buy with crypto from sellers online so I aproached the website I used in the past and paid with card for my own safety

Can the X4-1U run on 120v?

What did you pay for it. I reached out to them directly bcos I was curious. They said $8200, MOQ:50 & we pay for shipping of our choice or they can refer

MOQ 50?! that’s crazy… You can buy just one if you want I have it for sale in stock shipping within 72 hours.